On-site Contact Center

On-site Contact Center

WT international can deliver an outsourced contact center solution within your facilities

Contact center outsourcing helps businesses every day strengthen their customer service processes by working with specialized agents to meet the needs of their customers. However, turning over customer contact to an outside provider does not necessarily mean having to relocate your contact center operations.

Rather than moving the entire operation to an outside location, an on-site contact center can deliver valuable benefits. There are several reasons why outsourcing your contact center operation—but keeping it on-site—can be the ideal solution for your organization.

Your business model or organizational culture may prefer the process visibility that an outsourced on-site contact center offers. An on-site contact center gives your business more control and direct interaction with your customer support team.

Companies may understand the benefits of outsourcing, but are worried they will lose staff with valuable expertise and long-term institutional knowledge. Contact center outsourcing—with a location on-site—allows WT International to “rebadge” your employees by offering them employment in the outsourced on-site contact center located in your facilities.

For many organizations, an on-site solution can produce the “best of both worlds.” Not only does your business get to continue to utilize valuable members of your team and keep them within the company, it also benefits from the technology, support, and experience that WT International brings to the table. Below are some of the many reasons to choose contact center outsourcing for your organization.

By outsourcing, your company can:

  • Lower operating costs
  • Gain a transactional cost model
  • Gain the benefits of a cloud-based contact center software platform for unified multichannel customer communication
  • Improve the customer experience by putting contact center operations in the hands of a specialty provider
  • Return your focus to your core, income-producing business

By keeping contact center operations on-site, your company can:

  • Retain valuable expertise and institutional knowledge by rebadging employees
  • Maintain an easy oversight of customer relationship management and other associated business processes
  • Maintain a sense of connection to the corporate culture that can only come from working in the same facilities