WT International Limited is the ideal location if you depend on robust and diverse connectivity. We are the best connected Data Center in the Caribbean offering carrier neutral access to various ISP’s on multiple subsea fiber routes including both ARCOS and Americas II.


WT International Limited hosts multiple fiber landings for Columbus Networks (www.columbus-networks.com) including the ARCOS fiber ring, the region’s most extensive subsea fiber, and additional routes to Trinidad and Bonaire.


Whether it is a 512Kb, 2Mb or a 100Mb connection, WT International Limited offers fully burstable bandwidth solutions. Our customers have direct access to the region’s top bandwidth providers, across diverse paths. Our measurements are based on the 95th percentile calculation, with a traffic accounting system that provides competitive pricing, performance control, and single-source billing. If you are looking for connectivity or cross-connects to access the businesses, we can offer access to all major telecom providers on Latin America as well as access to the CAR-IX network.


Our internal Gigabit Fiber-Optic Back Bone is based on technology from Extreme Networks and Juniper Networks. VPN & Firewall Services available based on Fortinet technology.


 Colocating your Solutions in the WT International Limited data center gives you unsurpassed capability. Businesses that require the flexibility and control of owning and operating their own servers can rely on the secure environment provided by WT International Limited Colocated Server Solutions. Running your Web site and applications on your own servers gives you wide-ranging, customized control while also obtaining the protection and redundancy of the WT International Limited network environment.


For complete assurance and superior performance, your colocated Servers are protected within our state-of-the-art Internet Data Center with its strictly regulated power supply, temperature and humidity and 24-hour monitoring by WT International Limited‘s Network Operations. Limited, key-tag access and on-site security staff ensure your physical assets remain secure at all times.


Your colocated servers on our network are enabled to handle the most sophisticated of applications. For companies who wish to develop significant e-commerce capabilities, WT International Limited Colocated Server Solutions allow customers to choose any technology and function – from a simple electronic postmaster to a multimillion-hit storefront to an Internet video broadcast facility.


Clients provide their own servers and hardware. We provide connectivity and power. You can manage servers remotely as quickly and easily as if they were in the next room. WT International Limited will engineer and support all the tools necessary to make your Web site a key part of your business. And, over time, you can simply add servers to accommodate additional growth and traffic.


 By colocating your Unix, Windows, Sun, or any choice of platform at our facility, you’re combining the ultimate in flexibility with the benefits of our potent network architecture and engineering vigilance.


WT International Limited provides power and connectivity, and will monitor your servers and notify you when your servers are down. Colocation requires you to manage your own servers. However, WT International Limited‘s technical staff is available and willing to support your integration and other service needs on a consulting basis.